Denominational Affiliation:

We are a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship affiliated congregation.

We Believe. . .

We believe in one triune God,
Who created all things good;
Who longs for a personal relationship with each human being;
Who values the least, last, outcast, and forsaken;
Who hurts when we turn away from others;
Who laments our sin;
Who calls us back when we have turned away;
Who greets us like a parent sprinting toward a wayward child.

We believe in Jesus Christ, the incarnate Word of God,
Who is our truest expression of God’s love;
Who is the clearest picture of a life that pleases God;
Who had compassion on the weak and the lost;
Who challenged and called all to a faithful way of life;
Who bridges the gap that our sin creates between us and God.

We believe in the Holy Spirit,
Who calls us into Christ’s body;
Who prompts and leads us into right and holy paths;
Who uplifts us that we might show forth hope to a troubled world.

We believe in one holy Church,
Where people are joined with Christ’s “called out ones” in this world;
Where we find the good news of Christ proclaimed;
Where we are fed on the holy Word of God;
Where our lives find hope, promise, and purpose;
Where we unite in Christ’s name in serving God’s creation.

We believe in the Bible,
Which is a living, dynamic document and breathes with God’s breath;
Which provides a divinely inspired record of God’s self-revelation to humanity;
Which points to Christ as the pinnacle of that revelation;
Which holds life and truth for those who read it today;
Which humans are called and competent to interpret on our own, using Christ as our lens and the Holy Spirit as our guide.

We Hold to the Four Baptist Freedoms

Unlike many Christian denominations, Baptists are not unified through a central governing authority. What we have are four historic freedoms that we piece together to create our distinctively Baptist identity.

Bible Freedom
The Bible is foundational to us as individuals and as a congregation. Every Christian has the freedom and right to interpret and apply Scripture under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. The wisdom and counsel of the larger congregation should nurture individual believers as they seek to interpret and apply Scripture.

Soul Freedom
We are each accountable to God individually without the imposition of creed or the control of clergy or government. This personal experience with God is indispensable to the Christian life and necessary for a vital church. This is sometimes described as the "priesthood of all believers."

Church Freedom
Baptist churches are free, under the Lordship of Christ, to determine their membership, leadership, doctrine and practice. This is sometimes known as "autonomy of the local church." Individual churches should work together to achieve goals that one church by itself could not reach.

Religious Freedom
Everyone should be able to worship (or not) as they feel led without unnecessary interference by the government. Just as religious freedom involves the freedom to practice religion, it also includes the freedom not to practice religion. If you can't say "no," your "yes" is meaningless. The separation of church and state affords an important constitutional protection of religious freedom for all.

Women in Minisitry

Both men and women preach at Benson Baptist as we celebrate God's call on the lives of both. Benson Baptist has had women Deacons since the 1980s and has ordained men and women to both the Diaconate ministry, as well as vocational ministry as clergy.

Every year, we celebrate Baptist Women in Ministry Sunday with a special service and guest preachers.

We are thankful for the call of God in the lives of all.

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