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Benson Baptist is living together with Christ...

The Bible is a complex library of poetry, prophecy, oral tradition, law, and more. It is full of Scripture that invites us into a deeper conversation with God and with one another. We study it as if we can learn from its original context and as if God speaks through its words to us today under the guidance of the Spirit. Its words are inspired by the faith of its writers and we believe its words can still inspire us today as we do as Christ has taught us and dig into its truths, ask questions about its meanings, and explore the fresh words the Spirit is speaking through its pages.
Worship is not just something we do on Sundays, it is something that is a part of every moment of our daily lives. We seek to do the best we can to honor God both on Sundays and in every other space we are called outside of those days. We believe that God is always at work around us and our worship is seen when we connect with God's presence in the ordinary and everyday moments we live.  Worship is Sunday in church, Monday at work, Tuesday at school, Wednesday at home... it's all the places we honor God through our lives.

Interwoven into every fiber of creation is the presence of our Creator who is as much artist as anything else. We believe that we best connect with the Creator's image within us when we are not just going through the motions of faith, but seeking the creative strokes of the Creator's imprint in how we study the Bible, how we worship, and how we serve the world around us. Faith is not meant to be boring, but exciting and creative!

At the core of Christ's teachings about love and grace is the call to extend those things to the world around us. We do not believe that our worship is confined to the walls of our worship spaces but rather is something that flows through the ways that we serve as the hands and feet of Christ in our community and across the world. We believe that one can't be a follower of Christ without having a heart and love for others and we seek to live that truth out in everything we do.

Deep Roots

Benson Baptist was founded the same year as the town of Benson, 1887. Since then we have sought to be a presence of change and transformation in our community and beyond. From our 1920s era Sanctuary building, to our ties to the larger town, BBC is a place that is proud of its roots, but not tied down by them.

Forward Vision

The world has changed a lot since 1887 and who we were then cannot be who we will be tomorrow. While we know the Gospel of Christ has not changed, the world has. BBC is a place where we are willing to take risks, try new things, and go wherever God's voice might call us moving forward.

Sunday Mornings at BBC

There are many ways to plug-in on Sundays at BBC! 

9:00am - Contemporary Service

Our contemporary service takes place each Sunday in the Fellowship Hall, where we are led in worship by our praise team. Join us at 8:45 AM on Sundays if you’re looking for a more modern style of worship with videos, contemporary music, and a more laid-back atmosphere. We gather in the Fellowship Hall for this service.

10:15am - Sunday Small Groups

There’s a small group for everyone –– including you! Sunday morning small groups are a change to gather and study the Bible more in-depth through discussion and community.

10:00am - Community Breakfast

Our community breakfast is a gathering between services where we eat and fellowship. Every second Sunday is a large home-cooked meal. The other Sundays of the month are lighter. Coffee, juice, etc. are available each week.

There is a coffee station in the Fellowship Hall if you need caffeine  before or after a service!

11:00am - Traditional Service

Join us at 11:00 AM on Sundays if you’re looking for a more ‘traditional’ style of worship with an organ, choir, robes, hymns, and more elements that have been a part of our worship for over a century. We gather in our 1920’s era Sanctuary for this service.

Affiliations and Partnerships

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina

Benson Area Ministerial Association

Baptist Women in Ministry

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