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We recognize that not everyone knows exactly what a church is. We realize that you may have spent most of your life attending, or that maybe you’ve never stepped foot into a space of faith. BBC is, at its core, a community of people living life together. You're welcome and invited just as you are. There's no dress code, so dress how are you are comfortable.
Since 1887, we have been a faith community that tries our best to be a warm, inviting, loving, and grace-filled group that knows we’re not perfect and have no desire to pretend otherwise. While our community carries many differences, we are united in our love for Christ and our desire to love those around us.

We are composed of people of all age groups (literally less than one year to over 100 years) and we do our best to include everyone in the visioning for what the future looks like.We love much, we smile a lot, we walk through tough times together, we give space for tough questions, we don’t always agree, BUT we do find ways to continue as the community that we are called to be.

Benson Baptist Church is living together with Christ Biblically, worshipfully, creatively, and missionally.

This is our vision. We invite you to journey with us in it!

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