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We recognize that not everyone knows exactly what a church is. We realize that you may have spent most of your life attending, or that maybe you’ve never stepped foot into a space of faith. BBC is, at its core, a community of people living life together. You're welcome and invited just as you are. There's no dress code, so dress how are you are comfortable.

We are a small community of faith. At BBC you are more than just a number, you are person created in the image of God!
Since 1887, we have been a faith community that tries our best to be a warm, inviting, loving, and grace-filled group that knows we’re not perfect and have no desire to pretend otherwise. While our community carries many differences, we are united in our love for Christ and our desire to love those around us.

We are composed of people of all age groups (literally less than one year to over 100 years) and we do our best to include everyone in the visioning for what the future looks like.We love much, we smile a lot, we walk through tough times together, we give space for tough questions, we don’t always agree, BUT we do find ways to continue as the community that we are called to be.

Benson Baptist Church is living together with Christ Biblically, worshipfully, creatively, and missionally.

This is our vision. We invite you to journey with us in it!

How do we gather?  Use the Quick Links below to find out how you can connect with us!
The Bible is a complex library of poetry, prophecy, oral tradition, law, and more. It is full of Scripture that invites us into a deeper conversation with God and with one another. We study it as if we can learn from its original context and as if God speaks through its words to us today under the guidance of the Spirit. Its words are inspired by the faith of its writers and we believe its words can still inspire us today as we do as Christ has taught us and dig into its truths, ask questions about its meanings, and explore the fresh words the Spirit is speaking through its pages.
Worship is not just something we do on Sundays, it is something that is a part of every moment of our daily lives. We seek to do the best we can to honor God both on Sundays and in every other space we are called outside of those days. We believe that God is always at work around us and our worship is seen when we connect with God's presence in the ordinary and everyday moments we live.  Worship is Sunday in church, Monday at work, Tuesday at school, Wednesday at home... it's all the places we honor God through our lives.
Interwoven into every fiber of creation is the presence of our Creator who is as much artist as anything else. We believe that we best connect with the Creator's image within us when we are not just going through the motions of faith, but seeking the creative strokes of the Creator's imprint in how we study the Bible, how we worship, and how we serve the world around us. Faith is not meant to be boring, but exciting and creative!
At the core of Christ's teachings about love and grace is the call to extend those things to the world around us. We do not believe that our worship is confined to the walls of our worship spaces but rather is something that flows through the ways that we serve as the hands and feet of Christ in our community and across the world. We believe that one can't be a follower of Christ without having a heart and love for others and we seek to live that truth out in everything we do.

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