SHIFT: Young Adults

Once you reach your young adult years everything is shifting. You move from young adulthood to am-I-still-young-hood. Your relationships change. Friendships are harder to form and even harder to maintain. You might get married. You might have kids. You no longer feel like a college-aged person, but you don't yet feel like someone your parent's age either.
Life is 'shifting.'
This new ministry seeks to build connections within this age group at BBC and help each of us connect and grow as people with shifting friendships, deep questions about what we believe (or even if we do), and a deep desire for more in a stage of life where everything can be chaotic.
This group is a place to share thoughts, ask questions, share events, and even post a meme or two if you'd like.
“It's Gonna Be Perfect. The Only People That Need To Be There Are You And Me.” - Dwight Schrute

Weekend Meetups

Sunday Morning Small Group

Join us on Sundays at 10 AM following breakfast. The group meets in Sanctuary Side-Room 1.


  • Sunday Morning Small Group Bible Study 
    • Sundays @10am
  • Sunday Nights
    • 5pm - Dinner
    • 6pm - Small Groups