Fostering Community, growing in faith!

Whoever said being an adult is easy was definitely lying. From working, to navigating family dynamics, to growing older –– adulthood is a difficult path on the journey of life and faith.

At BBC, we seek to give adults of all ages a place to plug-in where they can serve, grow, and walk together.

Whether you're a parent, or not in a relationship; Senior adult, or in the "middle"; there is a place for you at BBC!

Bible Study

Sundays at 10:00 am (following breakfast)
  • Cornerstone - Rm. 204 (30s-40s)
  • Friends - Rm. 205 (50s-100s)
  • Baracca - Sanctuary Side Rooms (Senior Adult Men)

Community Groups

Sundays at 6pm (following dinner at 5pm)
  • Click here to see the current groups

and More!

The Bridge Women's Ministry
  • New meeting time coming soon!

Baptist Men's Ministry
  • New meeting time coming soon!

Service Opportunities
  • Opportunities coming soon!